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My name is Jocylin Lopez

Artist. Sticker Addict. Video Game Enthusiast. Small Business Owner.

I am a native Texan, raised with big passions and a love for visual story telling. Because of that I am a dreamer looking to create, adventure and conquer new worlds. Let's imagine together!

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

          Art has an exponential effect on life and how we live it. It is visible in the media, in how we express ourselves and communicate with one another. Although ever-present with time, art has always had a diverse outcome. For example, when the media filters through us via advertisements, it integrates and morphs into an artistic culture all its own. The same goes for our mediums of expression and communication. In a sense, it becomes a plethora of chaos that represents humanity. You can see it in the form of short videos, pictures, and almost incomprehensive collages.

            However, when it comes to art, I use it to reflect my identity. Thus, I like to focus on relevant traits that are more pertinent to myself. Femininity, Hispanic culture, and how I see myself are ever-present in my work. These are very important to me because it has affected my life and how others see me. As a female and a child of an immigrant, I am no stranger to discriminatory biases. Whether it is in my academic or financial career, I have had to work extra hard to climp up the coveted ladder.

            My work is motivated by women who I relate to in the same fields. Frida Kahlo, a surrealist, was a figurehead for the feminine movement of her time. She struggled with being seen seriously as a female painter and stuck out in the art community for being comfortable with her Mexican-born culture. Her pieces told psychological truths about herself, meant to be pondered by the audience. I want to reflect this in my work as well.

            Historically, women are undermined at work and in the home. That has carried on into our modern lives, forcing women to evolve. I take this into account in my art. The main focus is the standards of beauty fed to us by the patriarchal society.

            A crucial part of the technique is relating to those who will see my work. Milestones while growing up are often similar. Such as learning to ride bikes or play during recess. Put all the memories together, and they become who you are as a person at the present moment.

            My overall vision focuses on my struggles in America so that the audience may contemplate their own lives. See how they differ and perhaps develop a new understanding. If they learn from the experience and taking it into their own lives, I have reached my goal.


“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”
-Salvidor Dali

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